Monday, March 19, 2007

Happenings March 19, 2007

I'm going to try out this Blog thing as a way to record what's going on here at the farm. We are trying an experiment in sustainability here, and I should record what we are doing and how things are going.

The weather so far this month and last has really been a problem. I have the greenhouse half up and am waiting for a break in the weather to get it finished. I'm afraid that by the time the weather cooperates I won't have any need for the greenhouse.

Yesterday we got the chickens moved back out on pasture. They were really excited to see some green grass. So far out chicken experiment has worked pretty well. The supplemental feed is getting quite expensive so we are not making much money yet. It doesn't help that the girls are molting right now so egg production is way down. I'm going to have to raise out price a bit just to cover our costs. I'm looking at ways to produce more of our feed here. If we can't then having chickens for egg production is not really sustainable.

The goats are doing well. We have 8 now, 5 does, 1 wether, and 2 new buck kids. The kids are destine for the sale barn. We are getting about 1/2 a gallon of milk per day from their mother. She is a first freshener, so that's pretty good. We are expecting kids from 2 more does this spring. We're not sure when because the lady we bought them from didn't record when they were bred.

Other than the greenhouse things are going pretty well in the garden. The garlic is up and looks good. We are getting beds prepared so we will be ready to plant soon. We will be taking produce to the local farmers market this summer. Hopefully it will be a good income generator.

The rest of the projects are going slowly. We have gotten a bit more done on the house, but the rest has been on hold.

Homeschooling the kids has really taken a lot of my time. Finding the balance between school and everything else is quite a challenge.
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