Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Goat Cheese and Crackers

We made our first cheese this past week. It turned out surprisingly well. Everyone except Rowan liked it. Rowan is a Cheddar fan and Mozzarella is not his idea of great cheese. Connie was pleased that it wasn't exceptionally goaty and I liked the fact that it only took a couple of hours. Julia, who has had allergic reactions to every milk product she has ever tried, ate two pieces with no reaction at all. She even thought it tasted good. Now we have one more thing we can do with the milk. I'm not sure what we would do with a pound of mozzarella cheese a day, but we could easily make that much.

The chickens are doing well. We are still getting almost three dozen eggs per day even though they are molting. They seem to enjoy being back on green grass, and are doing a great job cleaning up the pasture. Their coop is movable, not perfect yet, but I can move it by my self even on the hills.

The grass has really started to grow and we have had the goats out doing some mowing around the gardens and the barn. They love it, and are learning the system of moving from the barn to the pasture. Since that first rodeo experience things have gone pretty well. The baby goats are growing fast. I'm looking for a buyer now so things will be lined up when they are ready. The youngest love playing with Julia and Rowan.

Crackers - (as in crazy) I went to the farmers market mtg to get signed up for a booth space and find out about policies, etc. There were very few people there and when it came time to elect board members I found myself elected. I guess I could have turned down the opportunity, but I had already opened my mouth too much in the meeting. Now I guess I can put-up or shut-up. We are having a marketing mtg tomorrow. I have some ideas but I know that I will have to take the lead on anything I suggest because the rest of the group is quite stuck in a rut. I'm glad I don't feel a need to save the world or anything like that. I don't know where I would find the time.

The weather has been strangely warm for late March/early April. It should get up to 80 today. Makes me want to plant tomatoes, but we should be back to winter by the end of the week. I think snow for Easter is a tradition.
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