Friday, April 20, 2007

What a beautiful day...

72 deg. F. Blue skys. Slight breeze. What a perfect day!! We worked hard on the farm today. Got lots done. Of course we had to take a trip to the local (45 miles away) Lowe's to get supplies. It seems that as much as I want to live locally, the things I need aren't available. It's a long way to my ideal world.

Good work ethic would have had me out working hard this evening. However, living requires having a life. So, we had a bonfire, cooked hot-dogs (not organic), had a nice bottle of wine, and planed our our summer entertainment area. If you can't enjoy life, why live?

Earlier today one of our far neighbors stopped while I was out moving the goats. She had been watching us over the past year and wanted to know if we had eggs and milk for sale. She hoped we were organic, but understood about the whole certification process. She knows about 10 local people who are looking for local produce. She can't wait for us to put our sign out so she can stop.

We morn for the loss of life and the stupidity of the world while we try to make a better place. The inhumanity of humans is stunning. Lets find a better way to live.
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