Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Lawn mowers

I wanted to show our lawn mowers at work. These are the big girls. They mow and fertilize about 3000 sq feet per day. We get almost 2 gallons of milk from them each day which keeps us stocked up on yogurt and cheese. We don't have a cream separator (they are about $500 for a home size unit) so we aren't making butter. It's still a better return than a bush-hog and tractor.

Baby lawn mowers - They really like the grass, but all the play makes them tired.

Here is my other lawn mower. They can mow, de-thatch, weed, and fertilize about 1500 sq feet per day. They also produce almost 4 dozen eggs per day. We use some, and the rest we sell. This lawn mower has already paid for it's self.

We got a call from the family we bought our cow from. They will be delivering her today. The kids are bouncing off the walls with excitement. We had a big discussion about names this morning. After running through a lot of really "interesting" names we settled on May (today being May day). Her calf will be MayZ (the father was a Zebu). I will try to get pictures posted tonight.
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