Saturday, January 12, 2008


I guess standing by the coop sharpening my hatchet got the attention of our chickens. They started laying again this past week. We are back to a dozen a day. I suppose we will have to keep them now. I'm not sure 50 tough old hens in the freezer would have been a good thing anyway.

I finished fixing the ends of the greenhouse today. We should be planting in there in the next week. It is lovely to have a warm dry place to work when it is cold and mucky out.

We are finally out of grass. Still searching for some pasture options close by.

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Pen&Ink said...

You see this is why I fear I may never actually live my rural dream.
How could I kill the uncooperative livestock.
Isn't there some kind of chicken retirement plan?
The old hens would taste terrible anyway.
Now I am going to spend all day worrying about the chooks.
Almost had a huge debate with a metalhead farmboy about the ethics of vegan/vegetarianism yesterday. But then I was rescued by Trinity Rose trying to go down the slide headfirst. I love my daughters!
Why are meat-eaters so defensive about their practices?


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