Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Waiting for Spring

We got a hint of spring the other day, temps in the 50's and lots of mud. That didn't last a whole day before winter came back. Everyone is getting pretty depressed by the gray, cold, days. Most of the chickens, who usually greet me at the fence if they hear me coming with the bucket of kitchen scraps, wouldn't even venture out of their house this morning.

The goats are really starting to show signs of the approach of spring. They are huge, waddling around the barnyard uncomfortably pregnant. I'm hoping the weather will warm a bit before the young ones arrive.

I have managed to cross a few things of the "winter work" list. (Farmers keep a list of projects they don't have time to do during the growing season with the idea that they will find time in the winter.) Unfortunately, I added more projects than I crossed off.

One of the added project was the kitchen. No, we didn't remodel our kitchen. It needs it, but it isn't in the budget this year. It had become intolerable though, so we rearranged some things, took down the drop ceiling, patched up the old plaster ceiling, and painted. It's still ugly, but it will be more functional, easier to clean, and should get us by until the remodel.

The next project that must get done before spring is fixing up the milking parlor in the barn to accommodate our increased production. Should be an interesting project.

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