Friday, March 28, 2008

Day Inturupted

The plan today was to get the green house ready to plant. Made progress, but ... the kids had an early release day (not sure what we are paying for at this school, but that's a whole different post!!!) that I didn't know about. Put a big hole in my day. Home schooling is definitely back on the plate. It makes demands on me, but at least they are on my terms and my schedule. (Again, a post for a later date.)

I did get a lot of cleaning done and one of the 40 foot beds mostly worked up. Hope to do some planting in the greenhouse and out in the gardens this weekend. Peas, Kale, and Spinach are on the schedule.

I've had a bit more traffic on the blog lately! It's great! Wont be moving to Utah any time soon (miss the desert and the mountains, but here is where I'm staying.) There have been a few comments about "The Omnivore's Dilemma" recently. I have some thoughts on that, but it must wait for another post. For any of you looking for local food I suggest looking on this site.

For micro-farms or gardens a good starting point is They have some good ideas and a great blog-roll that will take you all over the world and introduce you to micro-farmers in all kinds of settings. They are also starting a wiki about micro-farming that could be a great resource.

I've been following their chicken adventure. Our own has been interesting. The chickens are great, and I can't imagine not having them, but I'm now getting just over 3 dozen eggs a day and sales are not keeping up. When you have seven dozen eggs in the fridge and three more on the way, you REALLY want someone to stop and buy the eggs. Usually it works out. When they sit there longer that I am comfortable with (around six days, which is about a month less than the eggs you find in the store) I send them on to the Salvation Army to use in their food kitchen. Having chooks is great, but there are stresses.
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