Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Downloading my brain (that's a scarry thought)

Today (and other days in the past) I wished I had one of those ubs ports where I could plug a flash drive into my brain and download my thoughts. I've written at least three great blog posts today while I was driving, weeding, milking, doing dishes, etc. It never happens when I have time to sit down at the computer. In fact this is the start of the thoughts I had while I was milking tonight, but the rest of the brilliance seems to have vanished. Could be that I started at 4:30 am this morning and it is after 9 pm and I am well into my second glass of wine, but... mostly I do my best thinking when I am doing something else, and I can't really put it together when I sit down to write.

So, brilliance aside, it has been a busy, but uneventful couple of days. I did break down and mow a bit of the lawn. If I don't mow it quickly starts its march back to being forest. I love trees, but I don't want my whole section to be overgrown in new growth forest.

Now that MayZ is gone I am having to milk May once a day. She has been in milk for more than a year (and she is still going thanks to MayZ!), but I want to dry her off gradually. She is a great cow. If you are interested in a family milk/beef cow I would really recommend Dexters!

The goats are doing very well. All the kids are thriving. I am constructing a new house for kids and calves. They create a bit of a management problem at kidding and milking time. I'll post the picts and process when I am done. We are getting more than a gallon of milk per day from the goats, and two of them haven't reached their capacity yet. It is nice to have people using the milk and testing the cheese. That is part of the farm that I am excited to develop.

Beyond that, I've been busy planting the next succession of salad, more peas, peppers in the greenhouse, spinach, kale, carrots, chard in the greenhouse, and getting the rest of the garden beds ready. The asparagus I planted awhile back has come up. It was hard not to pick it. The strawberries Brian brought us from Michigan have started to put out blossoms. I hope they survive the frost tonight.

I've joined Blotanical. It will take me awhile to work through the blogroll there. Looks like fun, when I have a moment. Have a bunch of political comments just waiting for my fellow blogger Jack . I'm not brave enough to tackle politics myself, but I do enjoy commenting.

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