Thursday, April 24, 2008


I've put my soapbox away. Every once in a while the pressure to spew builds up to an uncontrollable level and I have to post some of my thoughts on the state of the world (kind of like the State of the Union address except it is more global and I don't expect the same coverage or audience). Now I'm done for a while (I won't promise it will be a year, but at least a week...)

So, back to what I really do best (or at least what I can write about...) micro-eco-farming.

The grass has really kicked in! That's great for the pastures. It is growing fast enough that I should be moving paddocks every day (I don't have time to do that, but I could, and should.) Yesterday when I put petrol in the truck I also filled a can for the lawn mower, six gallons at 3.51 a gallon. That should mow the lawn and leave a bit for next time. I don't think I can afford to do that every week, especially as prices creep up to $4 plus per gallon. My thought is to just put most of it into the grazing rotation for the goats. They do a pretty good job, and that would save me a lot of money. There is some "social" pressure to mow. The neighbors lawn (our farm butts up against the town line, so we have some suburban neighbors) is kept at 1/2 an inch all the time. They mow every Saturday regardless of the weather. (Our cow got into their yard once last year which caused quite a stir. She didn't eat anything, but she did leave them some nice gifts before I caught her.) Right now our lawn looks like a pasture with pretty flowers and lots of rank grass. It's a dilemma, but I'll not lose much sleep over it.

The Lawn

The green house is doing well. Tomatoes love it, as does the basil and the peppers. Some pictures follow to show off a bit.

basil and tomatoes in the green house

April 22nd in east central Ohio without heat!

Next Saturday (May 3rd) is the opening of the local farmers market. We will be there this year. We will have eggs (of course), salad mix, goat mild fudge in three flavors (which has received rave reviews from our testers) and a few other surprises. I can't wait!

Fudge (can't you just taste it!)

Thanks to those who responded to my soapbox crisis.
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