Monday, April 14, 2008

Peas are up

The peas are up!! That's a cause for celebration at my house. Not all of them are up yet, but by the tomorrow night they all should be. Then I will have to watch that the deer and the wood chucks don't eat them before they get a chance to grow. That is, of course, if they survive the night. We are going to get down into the upper 20s tonight. We were 29 this morning. I hope that tonight will be the last of the really cold temps for a while (like until November).

The peas poke through

Phoebe is growing and doing quite well. She went with us to Columbus yesterday and was a big hit in the burbs. Today she is out playing with the big goats for a while. Time to stretch those little legs, get some sun, and discover that she is a goat.

J.J. and Phoebe getting ready to go to Columbus

Playing with the big girls

Hanging out with Molly and Patty

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