Monday, April 14, 2008

Peas are up

The peas are up!! That's a cause for celebration at my house. Not all of them are up yet, but by the tomorrow night they all should be. Then I will have to watch that the deer and the wood chucks don't eat them before they get a chance to grow. That is, of course, if they survive the night. We are going to get down into the upper 20s tonight. We were 29 this morning. I hope that tonight will be the last of the really cold temps for a while (like until November).

The peas poke through

Phoebe is growing and doing quite well. She went with us to Columbus yesterday and was a big hit in the burbs. Today she is out playing with the big goats for a while. Time to stretch those little legs, get some sun, and discover that she is a goat.

J.J. and Phoebe getting ready to go to Columbus

Playing with the big girls

Hanging out with Molly and Patty


Hedgewizard said...

Nice blog! I've been reading through some of your old posts, and it's good to see I shouldn't give up on my elephant garlic just yet (planted it for the first time this year, but didn't find any until March (yes, as in not November). Hopefully it'll sprout anyway. Wow - the things I could do with 5 acres... so jealous!

Hedgewizard said...

By the way, have you filled in the polytunnel questionnaire on my blog yet?


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