Monday, April 21, 2008


When I got home from dropping the children off at school today I found most of our new chicks dead and the few remaining lying like boneless goldfish out of water. I checked and re-checked temperature, feed, water, everything, and can't figure out what happened. It came on fast and wiped them all out. I burned or bleached everything (in case it was a sickness that could spread to my adult flock) and have been searching for an answer. Any ideas from you chicken folks out there?

No picts today. Just feeling a bit down and very frustrated with the whole process.


dND said...
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dND said...

No answers I'm afraid but just wanted to send my best wishes. That's farming. I hope someone can come up with some ideas, it's so hard when you just don't know why.

Marion said...

I dropped in from Bioneers. I know next to nothing about chickens, other than I'd like to have some. I'm so sorry...hope you've had some info on what it might have been.

Alan said...

No answers on the baby chicks. I suspect the food, but I can't prove it. We move on and life continues. Still, it is hard when you make that connection...

Marion, welcome to our little slice of the world. Hope you enjoy your visit.


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