Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Can you be too good a Mom?

Turned the mob out this morning. The new boys, Porter and Chunk, bucked and jumped as good baby calves should, and then settled into smelling everything and everyone. I kept one eye on them as I did the other chores (first time meeting the electric fence can be rather traumatic.) After sniffing everyone and frisking about a bit Porter cozied up to May (our Dexter Cow) latched onto her udder and started nursing. I expected a swift kick and a sidestep would cure him, but it didn't happen. She sniffed him, licked him, and let him settle right in. Not what I expected or wanted. I'm not a control freak or anything, but I need the animals to bond with me, not with another animal. I don't have the facilities to deal with crazy animals here, especially when they weigh most of 1000 lbs. So, poor Porter was banished to the barn where he will have to stay until I get another pen set up. I've got to do this soon anyway so I have a place for May's new calf (due the end of next month.) I'm always amazed at how complicated animals can make my life.
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