Saturday, July 26, 2008

All hands on deck!

Magic happened today! Some days all the disparate pieces of life come together for some unfathomable reason and everything works. Magic!

We put up a years supply of green beans today. A bushel and a half got snapped, cleaned, blanched, cooled, bagged , and loaded into the freezer. That , by it's self is a pretty good days work. However, we also picked, cleaned, cored, and froze the last of the strawberries (7 pints), washed, cored, cooked, mashed, milled, bottled, and processed 14 quarts of apple sauce, did all the regular chores, and managed to have some family time. Pretty good day!

Apple sauce. Only 20 more quarts to go! The kids did a taste test and confirmed that it was way better than the store bought stuff!

End of the strawberries, ready to be frozen for a midwinter treat.
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