Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bits and Bubbles while waiting for a calf

May wouldn't leave the barn this morning. GRUMPY! Standing in the water trough, refusing all her favorite foods, eating weeds, thrashing about. If she wasn't pregnant, and due immanently, I'd be worried.

Today has been spent running back and forth from the barn, checking on a cow who is about to give birth but not quite yet, and a daughter who has three days left before the Goat Skillathon for 4H. Somewhere in there all the usual things got done, and I had some time to peruse a few of my favorite publications and sites.

Came across some things that made me think. Thought I'd share them rather than bore you with the rest of my day of waiting.

Bees are dieing all over the world. The latest story I've heard was from a gal who's story I've been following on Bioneers. She has taken up urban bee keeping in Albuquerque NM. It has been fun to watch until today. Today she posted a story about CCD hitting her hive. Haunted me all day with thoughts of Silent Spring screaming in my head.

I also received my Local Harvest Newsletter. They are hitting the whole farm to fork traceability issue. Nice to have someone else pick it up.

The last thing that struck me today was a piece in the quarterly magazine Farming. The My Turn article about Rethinking Rural Economic Development really struck a cord. I guess that happens when you hear your own ideas from someone else. The article isn't available electronically and I don't have permission to copy it here. I'll certainly paraphrase it in an upcoming post. You should subscribe to the Mag if you love small scale local farming. Great stories, poetry, photos, and community.

Now I've got to go check my cow and then get to a course on Natural Greenhouses.

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