Monday, July 7, 2008


There was a discussion started the other day on Bioneers about Intentional Communities. I've been watching from the fringes, not being a joiner my self. Today, however, I realized that I was an active part of an Intentional Community. There is a group of about twenty garden/farm blogs I follow and comment on regularly. The bloggers also participate on my blog. Information is shared. Spirits are lifted. Support. Community. I also find that all the odd eco/alternative types in my very rural county seem to gravitate to me where ever I am. Connections are made. People are supported. Community. Intentional? I think we should intentionally build community. But I'm not sure we all need to move in together to do that. I've been celebrating with Jack as he develops rain catchment system and publishes info about it. I've been sharing the link with others in my community who are looking for info on water options. I've also been sharing things with him that have helped me keep my chickens alive in various places. Maybe he will find a solution in my experiences. This strengthens small farms and farmers. Community is one of our greatest assets as we face a rather uncertain future. Today, my community grew a bit. One of our friends, M, brought her daughter, son-in-law, and some of their friends for a visit to the farm. They are from Paris and London. They went home with fresh milk, cheese, tomatoes, eggs, basil, chard, pictures, and stories. The community has grown across the globe.
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