Thursday, July 10, 2008


Our friend Ben had and interesting post about the Lotto the other day. Made me laugh. We play the "what if we won the lotto" game here quite often. It's fun to dream. We don't often actually buy a lotto ticket, so the odds of winning aren't good, but it is fun to dream. He did make me think a bit about the nature of happiness. Seems to me that it is something inside. Money can't get you there. I've known my share of really well to do unhappy people. On the other hand, lack of money can't get you there either. There are plenty of unhappy poor people out there too. I do know that I'm not rich, but I'm pretty happy. I'm also sure I'd still be pretty happy if I won the lotto and found my self suddenly filthy rich.

The other thing I though about when I read Ben's post was dreams. We play the "what if..." game because it helps us dream. The really cool thing about dreams like that is that if you can imagine it clearly enough, and hold onto that image long enough you can achieve it. Doesn't take winning the lotto (though that would speed thing along), all it really takes is a clear image and belief in your self and your dream.

So, Live Large! Change the World! Follow your Bliss!

(Guess I just needed to remind my self of that after a day spent up to my knees in the muck.)


ourfriendben said...

Glad you enjoyed "Hand over the money," Alan! I agree that we all enjoy knowing we have enough--food, shelter, comfort, and the security of feeling that we won't run short of any of the above--but after that, happiness is all about attitude, as Martha Washington once so wisely observed. I subscribe to the view that "happiness is believing that whatever you have is just enough." But of course, exercising the imagination with "what if" is always fun and sometimes turns up some surprising insights. In any event, sounds like you all have a great deal to be happy about at Roberts Roost!

Anna said...

I want to play too. Makes you wonder doesn't it? I know I would have a killer garden.


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