Thursday, July 3, 2008

Raining Again!

Since it's raining again my outside plan got put on hold and I am trying to get a few urgent inside projects done.

First - Red Current Jelly. Made a bunch. The jars look lovely and it tastes quite good.

Second - Cherry Pitter. Found one at Hirschberg's Country Store in Baltic. It is good to live in the midst of various Amish communities. They still do enough traditional cooking and canning that you can find tools when you need them. This is not the pitter I grew up with. The ones we had were rather like a pair of tongs with a scoop on one side to hold the cherry and a rod on the other side that punched the pit out when you squeezed it. This new, spring loaded, self feeding, table top machine is rather like trading in a flint-lock for a lever action Winchester repeater rifle. Same basic function, but very different when it comes to efficiency.

Third - Cheese. The Feta is now in its brine. It cures there for two weeks. The Cheddar is waxed (no photo, it looks pretty bad) and in the cooler to age.

Now all I have left is clean up, chores, dinner, and 4-H. Should be an easy evening.


Daphne said...

That looks like the cherry pitter I grew up with. Ours occasionally missed a pit. You had to be careful when eating cherry pie.

dND said...

That looks the same principle that mine uses - it was great last year but I got a lot of cherries that were left with the stone in this year. With mine I think this is due to wear on the plastic washer that you push the stone through - I think that it allowed the cherry to be pushed down as well as the stone so the stone doesn't get pushed right through. I'll be using a new washer for next year.


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