Tuesday, August 26, 2008


New tools tested. We used the separator today. One gallon of whole milk from our wee Dexter cow yielded one pint of heavy cream. It took an hour to clean, oil, and re-assemble the separator and four minutes to process a gallon of milk. Tomorrow we will try goat milk and butter making.

Warming the milk. Apparently it separates better at 96 deg F.
All set up.
R turning the crank.


ourfriendben said...

Yum, fresh cream! We want some!!!

Nancy J. Bond said...

Oh, how wonderful to have those fresh from the cow! Have you thought about making cheese? Goat milk is A1 for that. (It also makes wonderful soap!)

Barbee' said...

Oh, ok, forget the other saga, this is better and not as dangerous, perhaps. Here I had pictured you out in the heat harvesting and taking to market, when all along you were beating yourself up building a bedroom and shopping for new fun tools. Glad to hear it. Looking forward to the next post. There was cheese, then fudge, now butter and ice cream. What a busy kitchen you have.

Alan said...

Sorry I haven't been by to visit your blog lately (computer time is pretty rare in my world right now.) C and the kids went to Lexington two weeks ago to visit a sister and the horse park. They had a great time, and I worked on remodeling. All the other stuff still gets done. We still harvest, go to market, make fudge, yogurt, and cheese. It just isn't as much fun to write about as the new stuff.

Nancy, we have been learning about cheese making using both goat and cows milk. Soap is on my list, but it is kind of like noodles, something I'd like to do but it will have to wait until I have the time.

ourfriendben and co. Wish I could send you some cream. You should check out our butter in the next post. D'lish!

Barbee' said...

No problem, Alan, there's a lot more going on at your place than there is at mine. Yours is more interesting that is why I pop in occasionally to see what's happening. I've heard of armchair travelers, I guess I'm an armchair farmer. Well, that's all for now.


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