Sunday, August 24, 2008


This afternoon was drywall time. All the chores and Sunday obligations were finished by 11:00 and C was taking the little 'helpers' to see Grandma, so I had uninterrupted project time. The first thing I had to do was get the drywall into the house and up to the bedroom where it was needed. That involved coming up six stairs to the back porch, in to the house, through the kitchen and dining room, turning a 180 deg corner through a small door and then up some steep, narrow stairs to the top landing, turning another 180 deg corner and then down the hall to the bedroom. About half way through getting the first piece up the stairs I found my self stuck. Fortunately, after a few contortions and the appropriate phrases bellowed to the cosmos, I found a small pocket in trans-dimensional space and got the board unstuck. Smiling, I measured (twice) whipped out my handy utility knife and cut the board to fit. Perfect. Unthinkingly I stuck the utility knife into my back pocket where it would be handy. I hadn't remembered to retract the blade. So I poked myself a good one in the butt, drawing a small amount of blood to appease the god of remodeling. He/She must have found it funny enough that the sacrifice was accepted without a trip to the ER. After that things settled down and progress was made. Now, 18 sheets of drywall later it is mostly done. My muscles are jelly, and the safety reminder the gods gave me hurts like @&#$#!, but it feels great to have the room mostly finished. (Of course, anyone who has done drywall knows that the hanging is the easy part.) Now I must do the chores and rest. I'm sure tomorrow will be lots of fun too.

The stairs I had to weave 4' x 8' drywall up.

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