Monday, September 15, 2008

24 hours without electricity

Last night, about 5:30 pm the power went out. We were having a bit of wind storm, gusts in excess of 50 mph. Other than stressing me out about the structural integrity of some of my portable structures, it was fun. We had candle light and games in the evening instead of TV. The kids went to bed early. It was quiet. I never realized how noisy our house was. All kinds of things make noise that fade into the background, the refrigerator, the freezer, the fish tank, the compact fluorescent lights, the computer fans, etc. Quiet. And Dark. (except it was a full moon so it wasn't really dark outside, more an eerie silvery glow.) It was a FUN evening. I didn't sleep much, the wind was howling and I knew that without power my greenhouse wasn't inflated, which make the plastic really vulnerable to wind (both ends were also partially open, couldn't put the doors back up in 50 mile an hour winds.) So I was worried.

Morning. My watch says it's 5:30, but there wasn't any alarm to get anyone up. It's dark and quiet. COFFEE. Wrong! No power. Finally scrounged out the camp stove and some ancient instant coffee by 8 am. Better than nothing, but only just. It's not fun fumbling around in the dark with a flashlight (the only functional flashlight in the house.) The kids still get up at 6:30, wanting breakfast and school. Cold cereal is a "treat" but we don't know the status on school. No batteries for the radio. Listened to the local station on the car radio, about 1000000 people out of power because of the wind storm. Could be three days before it is restored. Scarred!

Chocolate ice cream for lunch. It's starting to melt, so we might as well eat it. Have a refrigerator full of milk that will have to go to the chickens. Breakfast on the camp stove was fun, lunch is looking OK, but dinner will be grim.

4:55 pm. The power is back on!!!!! Can't believe what wimps we are. I thought we were close to being locally sustainable. More on this later.
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