Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ice Cream and other Bits

Ice Cream - We saved enough of May's cream to two quarts of ice cream. It was great. I'm sure there are some tricks we need to work on to get it to temper just right, but it was still very good. No pictures of this because it didn't last long enough for me to get the camera.

Cooking Out - The neighbors came over for a cookout on Sat. the 30th. The kids had a great time. The neighbors children had never cooked a hot dog or a marshmallow over a fire before. What fun. We also got to try out our new grill. It is cast iron, sits on legs about 5 inches high, and we can use it in the fire pit. We just raked some coals over to one side, set the grill over them, and cooked. It was great.
first time cooking marshmallows

Drywall - On Labor Day we celebrated by laboring. The final coat of mud is up. Today I'll finish sanding and we should be ready to paint. Yeah!!!

Awards - We were also nominated for a "Thinking Blogger Award" by the folks at Poor Richard's Almanac. Not sure if it means we are thinking, or we make people think, or (more likely) that we leave people wondering "what where they thinking?", but we will take it as an honor. Thanks guys! You make me think all the time.

Garden - The garden is transitioning to fall plantings. The kale is starting to perk up, and some of the other things, like beans are winding down. (It's about time to be done with beans, one can only eat so many.) Now it is time to clean out some beds, plant new things, and get ready for garlic.

Sad news - We lost a baby goat over the weekend. I'm pretty sure it was enterotoxemia. It came on really fast and she didn't make it despite our best efforts. We give them all CD&T shots to help prevent this, but sometimes that isn't enough. Nutmeg, the kid we lost, was one of the goats J was planning to take to the fair the end of this month. She is devastated.
J and Nutmeg
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