Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Magic of Color

The bedroom project has progressed to the point that decisions about paint color had to be made. This is something C and I have been discussing for a long time. Since we are finally getting a bedroom, and are putting the effort into making it our retreat from the world, the color should be right. In our first house everything was covered with bold patterned wallpaper. It looked nice, but it wasn't us. Fortunately we moved before it got so unbearable that we had to do something about it. Our second house was a 1920's Craftsman bungalow with white walls, beautiful dark wood work, and lovely floors. Eventually the white got boring, but we weren't brave enough to change it. After that we were stuck in beige limbo in a house we couldn't change. When we went to New Zealand we learned to be bold with color. That was fun. Now, we are being bold, but some spaces need to be more restful. My hope with the bedroom was that C would come home with something one day, and that would be that. No such luck. I was sent out to get the paint and get it on the wall. I had a general idea of the feel we wanted (from a husbands pov, which isn't necessarily connected to reality) and a list of colors we didn't want. (You need to understand that before I got married my color palate was limited to black, white, and olive drab. I have added in forest green, some varieties of blue, and when I'm feeling very festive a deep red. Beyond that color is not a criteria, it doesn't effect function so it doesn't matter.) I'm in deep trouble at this point. After an hour looking at paint chips I had narrowed the choices down to three lovely shades of gray. One was too light, and while it looked nice on the paint chip, would just look dingy on the wall. The second was leaning a bit far into the blue and I had been directed to not choose blue. That left a very elegant peregrine gray. So home it came and up on the wall it went. On the wall it is rather close to battleship gray. Probably a mistake, but done is done. I'm hoping it will look elegant with the trim and the floor finished. If not, it's only paint. I know how to put it up pretty fast. Today I should get the trim up. Then we will see.

Other interesting things...

Went out to milk the goats this morning and one was missing. After some frantic searching I heard a forlorn bleat coming from a culvert. To give the pasture some recovery time after the long dry spell I have been grazing the goats in places they normally don't graze. The past couple of days they have been on the hillside next to the road. There is a culvert that crosses under the road. On our side it is covered by a wire screen, and the goats haven't seemed to bother it. Apparently, last night Ginger (the doe J is taking to the fair in a week) was overcome by curiosity and worked at the screen until it was off. Then she crawled in. I'm not sure why. She stopped half way and spent the night (judging by the poop that had accumulated). I tried to coax her forward, but she would not move. I crawled in to see if she was stuck and she jumped up onto her knees and started moving forward again. So I went back to the other side of the road, crawled in on my belly and led her out. Not fun, but everyone is OK.

The Culvert

A long way to crawl

There was a rather lovely puffball growing in the lawn this morning. I'm always amazed at how fast they appear.


Barbee' said...

Crawling through there on your knees: Ouch!

I think gray with white is a nice crisp combo. Gray with soft yellow isn't bad... good luck. Hoping to see after photos.

nancybond said...

I think your paint will look very nice,'s a very calm color. :) I smiled when I read, "...stuck in a beige limbo..." -- that's what I've been in for the past 10 years and just never came up with as perfect a way to phrase it! Glad you and the goat are ok after your adventure.

Shibaguyz said...

We tend to stay away from those colors here in Seattle since the sky tends to look like that all winter. In a room with some nice sun, it could really be beautiful.

On the goat subject... I think we've heard enough odd stories about curious goats that end up in curious situations to make us consider our future livestock choices very carefully! LOL

jack-of-all-thumbs said...

I'm not sure that my 'love' of confined spaces would have allowed me to crawl into that long of a tube, especially joining a goat who already had issues.

Tip of the hat!

JGH said...

I'm enjoying reading about your goats. I think I was a goat farmer in a past life.

That grey is very pretty. It looks luminous on your blog.


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