Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Leaves, trees, and garlic

I've finally caught up on enough things (hay, house, health, firewood, fudge, weddings, etc. I do have another blogging project that is suffering, but I'll get to that tonight.) that I can get back to the gardens. The weather is giving me a break today too. Looks like it will be sunny and maybe warm up into the low 50's. Time to get the last of the garlic planted and clean up the lavender bed so I can mulch it. I also have a wheelbarrow full of baby trees we dug at M home that need to get into the ground today.

Garlic - All I have left to plant is the elephant garlic. Last year we planted about 200 plants. This year we will plant about 1000. We lost a lot of garlic last year because we didn't mulch it properly. We had a lot of freeze/thaw cycles and many of the bulbs got heaved out of the ground and then dehydrated and frozen when the temp dropped to -15. This year we will be mulching deeper to help eliminate that problem. We are using leaves for mulch, which I have used other places with great results. Unfortunately, we don't have any trees on our property. Our neighbors, who are blessed with several rather large maples, have come through for us. They have given us all their leaves. All we had to do was go bag them and haul them home. So far we have 15 fifty gallon trash bags stomped as tightly as we could fill them. That should be a pretty good start.

This bin is 8 feet across, it holds a lot of leaves. Plus there are 6 more bags in the back of the truck.

This is the elephant garlic harvested earlier this fall. Planting picts will get posted later.

Trees - Since our property was completely treeless when we moved in we have been planting trees when ever we could. This past week we got 20 or so from M. Mostly oak and beach, with a few surprises thrown in. Eventually we will return some of our space to the forest, but it will be years before these little sticks get that big.
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