Thursday, October 16, 2008

Updates - Luna and other things

Luna-She wants you to know she is "not dead yet". We had a very optimistic day. Her energy was up, and she was much more puppy like. I called the vet this afternoon to find out what the next step was, and had a bit of air let out of my happy balloon. Our vet is great, but she is not one to pull her punches. We have a long road ahead of us. Luna still isn't drinking, has diarrhea, and is only three days into this. Things will go up and down with her, and nothing is certain. Still, she came through the day bright eyed and feisty. Hope, it is what gets us through the day, and will get us through the days ahead.

Economic collapse - I know it is rocking the world, but for us it hasn't really done much. We live with a very low debt load, only a very small mortgage. Everything else we pay as we go. Our "retirement" is either in the state teacher's fund or strutting around in the back yard laying eggs or eating grass and giving milk. For us, food still costs a lot when we have to go to the store, but we are getting more and more put away so we don't have to do that as much. Gas has gone from a recent high of $3.89 to today's price of $2.64. That's not a bad thing. I know we are just at the start of this chaos, but ...

Rain - Was greeted by rain this morning. After a week of near 80 degree days, it was refreshing. The lawn is growing and looking pretty shaggy. Probably ought to mow before the snow. The pasture has grown too. At least an extra week, but not enough to make that much difference. Still, the warm temps and rain will help. On the flip side, it soaked the last of the wood pile that we hadn't yet transferred to the wood shed. We seem to be running out of space. The stack is at least 2 feet above the rafters in most places, and we still have quite a pile to move. That is a frustration, but it also leaves me feeling secure for the winter.
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