Thursday, November 6, 2008

Alan's Folly

I've been told that Alan's Folly is a race horse name. If I was going to buy a race horse, this would probably be it. This isn't the official name, the commity is still out (to lunch), but I have to call it something and stupid horse sounds too much like stupid cow and stupid goat and stupid chicken. Stupid farmer needs to be more creative. So, I'll inflict some more horse pictures on you and some post links about the election that said stuff I thought sounded good but would never have been able to say. First the horse picts.

These are not perfect, but they say some things I'm thinking better than I could say them.


Kate The Great said...

The horse is so cute! If you already have a stupid cow and a stupid goat and a stupid chicken then stupid horse fits in nicely... :)

themanicgardener said...

Very sweet. That looks like a pony, though, not a horse. And I think the name Alan's Folly might be perfect. Or you could call it Fat Pony? Just trying to be helpful. You're having a run from Kates today.

Alan said...

Yes, the various Kates that read my blog seem to have had something to say today. Thanks.

Technically she is a pony, and a wee bit of a thing at that. She is well padded right now, and we will be working on that. More exercise, less sweet feed. She is also due to foal in March, so that could account for a bit of the extra girth. After we get her settled in we will be putting her through her paces with the cart. Should be fun (at least for the neighbors. Maybe I should sell tickets.)


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