Saturday, November 22, 2008

Snowy Day Activities

Sledding - there is always enough snow

Trying to get the laundry to dry

Making and apple pie from scratch

add flour, salt, and sugar

cut up the butter

cut in the butter

add water and egg and mix

Make the filling

cut up the apples

mix in cinnamon, sugar, and flour

roll out the crust

put the crust into the pan

fill the pie






dND said...

That apple pie looks really nice. I like mine cooked with brown sugar, a few raisins and cinnamon. Pure heaven.

nancybond said...

Another thing that makes me go Mmmm... What a great activity for the kids.

Sheria said...

I want pie. Mail me a slice?

inadvertentfarmer said...

Ohhh I can almost smell it! Tell the kids GREAT job!

Heather said...

I am so impressed!!! Gah, I still cheat on my crusts and use a food processor. Perfect dessert for a chilly time.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Wow - that pie looks AMAZING - look that the height on that thing!! I can practically smell it! Yummmm.... Your daughter has got some pie-making style!
I can't believe all the snow you guys have! It was 54 degrees here today and sunny. :-)

Pen+Ink said...

I want a butter cutter!!!
How cool are they?

Tell me it gets served with cream from your cow?

queenbeehoney said...

Holy cow! Did they really make that all by their little lonesomes? I wish I had been making apple pie at that age. What a great life for a kid.


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