Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Aren't I cute

Today I had planned to post my garden plans, but the day was spent hauling hay and closing up the barn. Apparently babies need warmer digs than the rest of the livestock. It is on it's way to 5 degrees tonight, with another 15 degrees windchill, and colder the rest of the week. Maybe we can get through with winter this month.

Franny seems to be doing well. She is still a fuzzy butt with a big head. Looks a lot like a donkey (I've asked the experts what they think since I don't know anything about her father. Could be we have a mule.) She looks exactly like the Steiff Donkey J has. She was given it when she was 2 by her godfather Kevin. I tried to get a picture, but it went back into the bedroom (mostly off limits to Dad at this point, especially with the camara!) Here are a couple of Franny. Poor thing has been confined to the stall. Don't know when we will get her out. Waiting for a break in the weather.

This is what I see almost every time I go into the barn.
Pretty Cute, but a lot like a donkey.
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