Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ice Farm

It warmed up today. The winds shifted around to blow from the south and clear out all the clouds. Blue skies, a warm breeze, perfect end to January. Of course we only got up to 28 degrees F. Not enough to really melt anything. Here is what the farm was like today.


Path to the barn

Chicken house


More chickens

One legged chickens

A bit of wind


henbogle said...

I have that breed of chicken, too ;-)

Hope it warms up for you soon, here the temp got up to about 30°F, a veritable heatwave!


ps the verification word is "resting."

shibaguyz said...

Your pastoral scenes make me jealous... as always... but the cold instills within me no envy... BBRRRR!!

Olive and Popeye, the neighbour Gnomes said...

had a chuckle about your one legged chooks! They have to keep their tootsies warm somehow.
I wish you could send a little of your coldness here, we have had temps. in the mid 40 degrees C. Translated that means about 114 F. !

inadvertent farmer said... that is some wind to make your ice do that!!! Love the color of you house, Kim

Alan said...

We had one warm day. Enough to make the snow into ugly slush. Now it's ice and we are below freezing again. The house color is Mystical Shade, and caused quite a stir in the neighborhood. Really outrageous house colors there tend toward pale yellow or tan rather the the traditional white. Purple (which is what this color does in the right light) was quite a shock to everyone.

Kate The Great said...

I hope your chickens are thawing out!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Loved your shots of Ice Farm...we still have patches of snow here and there from our snowstorm back in December, but it's actually (maybe, hopefully) supposed to get up to 55 degrees today...we shall see.


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