Thursday, February 26, 2009

Clean-up crew

Cleaning Crew at work

The Spring Cleaning crew made it into some neglected areas of the pasture today. It was such a nice day, sunny and warm (40+ deg F) for a change, that I moved everyone back into the pasture to clean up the old grass and have some more space. The goats, cows, and ponies had been confined in a yard near the barn most of the winter. Now that the snow is off they have really nibbled everything right down to the ground. It was also starting to get pretty pugged around the gate and water trough, as well as getting quite a lot of manure and waste hay building up. This is supposed to be the children's play yard in the summer. Getting the animals off it was critical.

They all seem happy with the change.

Franny seems to be responding to the medication. She is not 100% yet, but much more active and eating much better. The swelling in her joints is greatly reduced. We will go back to the vet next week to see how thing are progressing.

Soaking up the sun
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