Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dirt Therapy

Finally, a few hours with my fingers in the dirt. It's amazing how much I've missed that connection over the long dark of winter. Today the greenhouse bed finally got some much needed attention. This weekend I'll be planting the first of the early greens and lettuce, as well as some peas as a cover crop in the end of the bed that had tomatoes last year. It makes me smile just thinking about getting some seeds in the ground.

My favorite things - good digging forks, a rake, and dirt

2 comments: said...

A big ol' WOOHOO! for digging in the dirt! Totally wet here today so I don't think there will be any digging here. Once again... jealous of your greenhouse. ;)

Barbee' said...

Joy, joy, joy, teehee!! Happy with glee! (I know the feeling.)


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