Monday, February 2, 2009

Garden Planning - Seed order

The planning and preparation for the garden production season is proceeding. Designing new gardens has been fun, and getting house projects done has been necessary, but the production garden feeds us and helps pay the bills so it deserves a bit more attention.

The seed order has been in for a while. Anticipating its arrival is always fun. Here is what we ordered from Johnny's (we order the bulk of our seeds from Johnny's. I like the quality, service, and their stuff seems to do well in our climate.)

Cutting Flowers
Benary's Giant Mix Item No.:1346 Qty:1
Sunshine Flashback (OG) Item No.:1495 Qty:1
Flashback Mix (OG) Item No.:1496 Qty:1
Double Click Item No.:1780 Qty:1
Sea Shells Item No.:1101 Qty:1
Picotee Item No.:1092 Qty:1
Sensation Mix Item No.:1090 Qty:1
Tapestry Mix Item No.:1392 Qty:1
Pro Cut Orange (F1) Item No.:1712 Qty:1
Pro Cut Bicolor (F1) Item No.:1710 Qty:1
Pro Cut Peach (F1) Item No.:1796 Qty:1
Sunrich Gold (F1) Item No.:1714 Qty:1
Sunrich Lemon (F1) Item No.:1315 Qty:1
Sunrich Orange Summer (F1) Item No.:1814 Qty:1
Sunbright Supreme (F1) Item No.:1503 Qty:1
Colorado Item No.:1338 Qty:1
Night and Day Item No.:1839 Qty:1
Trailing Nasturtium Mix Item No.:1201 Qty:1
Panorama Red Shades Item No.:1328 Qty:1

German Winter Item No.:940 Qty:1
Summer Item No.:2250 Qty:1
Orange Item No.:2934 Qty:1
Creeping Item No.:938 Qty:1
Aromata Item No.:824 Qty:1
Winter Savory Item No.:828 Qty:1
Italian Dark Green Item No.:530 Qty:1
Forest Green Item No.:529 Qty:1
Greek Oregano Item No.:930 Qty:1
Quedlinburger Niederliegende Item No.:847 Qty:1
Spicy Bush Item No.:907 Qty:1
Genovese Item No.:911 Qty:1
Panorama Mix Item No.:908 Qty:1

Caselode Item No.:2955 Qty:1
Jade Item No.:16 Qty:1
Estiva (F1) Item No.:2087 Qty:1
Geronimo (F1) Item No.:2794 Qty:1
Sapho (F1) Item No.:2401 Qty:1
San Marzano 168 (F1) Item No.:2866 Qty:1
Ace (F1) Item No.:574 Qty:1
Lipstick Item No.:570 Qty:1
Ladybug (F1) Item No.:193 Qty:1
Yellow C Small (F1) Item No.:2832 Qty:1
Meteor (F1) Item No.:2787 Qty:1
Cashflow (F1) Item No.:2664 Qty:1
Beauregard Item No.:2469 Qty:1
Diamant (F1) Item No.:2728 Qty:1
Onion Collection A Item No.:2890 Qty:1
Bolero (F1) Item No.:216 Qty:1
Envy Item No.:105 Qty:1
Expert (F1) Item No.:2261 Qty:1
Jet (F1) Item No.:2616 Qty:1
Waltham Butternut Item No.:671 Qty:1

Salad Greens
Winterbor (F1) Item No.:365 Qty:1
Red Russian Item No.:363 Qty:1
Bright Lights Item No.:703d Qty:1
Indigo (F1) Item No.:2245 Qty:1
Arugula Item No.:385 Qty:1
Tyee (F1) Item No.:646 Qty:1
Allstar Gourmet Lettuce Mix Item No.:2301 Qty:2
Spicy Mesclun Mix Item No.:2298 Qty:2

There are a few other seeds we will get from other places, and some trees and perennial plants yet to come as well. The next step is the planting calendar.


jodi said...

That's a LOT of seeds! Should keep you busy for a while. Hope you get great germination.

Lucy said...

Like Jodi, I was going to say that's a LOT of seeds. I won't change it though because, it is, indeed, a LOT!

A lot of work too. Hope you have a good, enjoyable and productive year.

Do you have a Rogation Festival where you live? (Like Harvest Festival only for the beginning of the season - the sowing of seeds instead of the harvesting.)


Alan said...

It is a LOT of seeds. I'll be busier than a one armed paper hanger come spring. Some of the quantities are also quite large, but that is to accommodate all the successions. Most of our salad items will be planted about every two weeks to keep high quality products available for the farmers market all season. The flowers, peas, beans, and carrots will also be succession planted.

Don't have a Rogation Festival here that I know of. Something I should explore for the future.

Garden Statues said...

That's a LOT of seeds! Should keep you busy for a while.

Garden Statues

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Wow, you are going to have a magnificent garden this year! And...not to be too whiny here, but I wish you had included what type of vegetables you have ordered. For example, I have NO idea what any of your veggies actually are, except for the "onion collection" - lol.


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