Monday, February 9, 2009

Sunshine and Muck - Hope and Frusteration

Two days of warm temperatures have melted most of the snow and ice, turning the farm into a giant mud hole. All the creatures seem happy with the warmth, don't seem to mind the mud all that much. I'll even take it over snow and ice at this moment. If it continues for weeks on end I might start to complain, we'll see.

Franny in the sunshine

I saw my first blue bird of the season. Happiness.

The greenhouse, which suffered some late winter damage and got much colder than I wanted it to, has produced the first rays of hope. The tarragon, which I was sure didn't survive the winter disaster, is starting to sprout. Most of the damage in the greenhouse has been repaired, and seeing those unexpected little shoots has spurred me on to get it finished.


Frustration has been sitting on my desk for the last couple of days. The first part of my Johnny's order arrived, all packed in neat white packages, order crying out to be mussed up with dirty fingers and put in the dirt. (Of course it is too early for most of it. I'll get some bits going in the greenhouse this week, and start the planting schedule next month.) Having a whole box of seeds sitting there staring at me while the sun shines on a 50 deg day just makes my teeth hurt.


Spring is coming, just not soon enough.
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