Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mouse Wars - The invasion of the greenhouse

A long time ago

in a galaxy far, far away...

Oops, wrong movie.

Not so long ago

in a corn field next door

the evil mouse sith were preparing

to invade the last

out post of the human

rebel alliance.

Mouse Wars

The Evil Mouse Sith have led the forces of the empire in an invasion of the new rebel outpost on the edge of the Corn Field Galaxy. The Jedi Cats patrol the area but are not allowed into the outpost by Governor Grumpy Farmer. Jedi battle techniques cause disruption of the poly shield that protects the community from the hostilities of space. At his wits end, after suffering massive losses in the fledgling community, Governor Grumpy Farmer left the outpost in search of a Cunning Artificer who could build him a better mouse trap. He has not returned...

The mice are eating my spinach seed as fast as I can plant it. I can't let the cat's in, they shred the poly cover which doesn't make me happy. I'm looking for some high volume, industrial mouse trap, but so far haven't found anything that really works.
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