Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mr Bluebird on my sholder

Being Irish (at least by marriage, which counts twice!) I'll not be spending a lot of time on the computer today (I do have a post today called The Family Dinner on the Not Dabbling in Normal site). We have other things planned today to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day. It looks to be a gorgeous day, clear blue skies, temps close to 70. Should be planting peas and potatoes. We'll see.

This morning when I went down to open up the greenhouse it felt like spring. It was only 28 degrees and frosty but the air felt different. The birds were singing. Everyone was happy. On the fence post near the greenhouse a red-winged blackbird had fluffed out his wings to catch the early sun. He trilled away, welcoming the day. Two posts up the fence, a pair of bluebirds were cheeping away while they built a nest in the birdhouse R built in Cub Scouts. Spring is here as far as they were concerned.

Mr. and Mrs. Bluebird

Nest building

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

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