Friday, March 27, 2009

Potager Constructions - Day one, Rock, Paper, ...Digger?

This was the day when the paper hit the pavement (or in our case the grass.) All the potager plans we have been noodling with are about to become a reality.

First we marked out the plan.
If you look closely you can see the red flags and the orange marking paint.
Next we checked the level to see how much dirt needed to be moved.
(Note the little yellow digger in the background. I REALLY want one of these!)

(C is pretty sure I should be!)

It's a big job but I have lots of great help.

This is what it looks like now.
Time to go do chores.
(Sorry the picture is a bit fuzzy. It's starting to get dark.)

Tomorrow we get to finish digging and deal with 15 tons of crushed limestone. That all has to be spread, leveled, and compacted. Should be a fun day. Hope it doesn't rain!


dND said...

That looks fun, I look forward to the potager taking shape.


Daphne said...

It looks like you and your kids had a lot of fun.

Garden4Life said...

How exciting to see plans on paper become reality! BTW, I would like to have one of those handy diggers too. :) If I did though, there may not be a good patch of grass to mow by the end of summer because of it... :) Great job!

Jan Steinman said...

A "skid steer" like this, while nice, is sort of a one-trick pony. A tractor with a front loader will do as well in most cases, and is more versatile.

If you really wanna play in the mud, get a mini-excavator. As you probably noticed, the skid-steer doesn't go very deep -- it's main design job is to move "on grade" materials, just like a front loader on a tractor. But an excavator will dig deep.

Sue said...

Can't wait to see your progress on this!


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