Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Evening Wrap-up -The aftermath of Dancing With A Cow

I've been trying to get away from multiple posts in one day. (Let the story DEVELOP!) But, I'm going to be busy tomorrow (10 skids of pavers arrive at 08:00. It will be a long few days!!!)

Besides being bashed about a bit, and having bruises where one would not want them (can one use the pronoun 'one' when blogging without seeming stuffy? I can't use it in conversation with out very strange looks....) I survived the slam dance with the cow pretty well for someone well over 40. She did manage to make me jamb the needle into a knuckle several times before we were done. That appendage hasn't responded so well.

It doesn't look that bad, but it is at least twice a big as the others.

Bruised, lacerated, injected with G-knows-what. It hurts! Better get better soon! Life on the farm doesn't stop for a little OUWY.

Hope it's better by morning! We have 10 skids of pavers arriving at 0800. No time for little hurts. Friday it rains, Saturday it snows. Get it done.


dND said...

Very definitely ouch! I do hope it's better soon and do take care of your back with those pavers.

Re last post, I so agree with you. It would be lovely to have the cash to get all the infrastructure in first and to get someone else to do the heavy work. But unless I win the lottery that isn't going to happen :-)

Don't over do it - I keep telling myself that 2 half days work on something is better than one mad day and then unable to work for the rest of the week. Don't always listen to my own advice though! :-)


henbogle said...

Youch! But at least you know you are worm-free :-)

Perhaps you have found your true name, dances with cows?

Hope it feels better soon, and take care with the pavers!
Ali in Maine

Daphne said...

I think "slam dances with cows" would be better. :>

our friend Ben said...

I love "Dances with Cows," too! Now you just need to make a movie and you'll never have to lift a paver or inject a cow again!


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