Thursday, July 9, 2009

City Chickens Revisited

I wrote about keeping chickens in the city a while ago. Since then a couple of families I know have launched chicken projects in the city. Some friends from Cincinnati got chickens a few months ago and are now getting their first eggs. Its fun to talk with them and share their excitement. Another family in Portland, Oregon has also started a chicken project. They are blogging about their adventures at Growing Roberts. It's exciting to see the line between city and farm starting to blur. Urban/Suburban micro-farmers could change the face of food and farming in this country.

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LABANAN said...

I agree! We have chickens and are part of a city although we are really out in the country or burbs I guess! We're zoned for a small flock but there are others who live in identical sorts of areas attached to the city who aren't allowed. It makes no sense and I'm afraid I become quite crazed about the notion that we have to look to so-called professionals for everything - our food, our health, our education - and not trust our own good sense. I love my hens, my eggs and the fun they bring us while still being part of our independance. yay!


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