Thursday, July 16, 2009

Oh Fudge

Fudge, particularly smooth, creamy, rich goat milk fudge is now a daily fact of life at our farm. We made some last year and it was quite popular with family, friends, and at the farmers market. This year, when the goats ate the garden and crashed the farmers market production schedule, we started making fudge again. It was that or make sausage out of the goats (which almost happened.) The fudge has been a great hit at the market. People line up for our peanut butter fudge and some of the other types have die hard fans too. We have been selling about 30 lbs of fudge at the market within a couple hours of opening. People do ask if we are going to ever have anything green again, then they buy some fudge and say they'll see us next week. We will have greens again, but it wont be until fall. We are having fun with the fudge right now. It uses up some of our extra goat milk in a way we can actually sell. That makes me happier about having as many goats as we do. We are also selling fudge in our farm store, and offer it year round. I'm waiting on final approval for my online store. When that is done we will be offering fudge for sale on line to be shipped anywhere.

Right now we are making the following types;

Chili Chocolate - Hand made in small batches from our goat milk and flavored with the best chocolate and locally grown chilies, this fudge will get your attention and leave you craving another bite. For those who love chocolate and spicy foods, this fudge is perfect.

Chocolate Lovers - "Wow! That's chocolatey!" is the most common comment from folks at the farmers market when they taste this fudge. Rich, creamy chocolate that melts in your mouth.

Lavender Honey - This is a creamy vanilla fudge mixed with sweet lavender blossoms. The smooth creaminess of the fudge is the perfect background to the freshness of the lavender. The scent intrigues, while the flavor lingers. Surprisingly smile producing.

Peanut Butter - This fudge delivers old fashion, creamy, peanut buttery, goodness. People stand in line for our best selling fudge at the farmers market. Folks come back again and again for this creamy peanut butter fudge.
Butter Pecan - The name says it all. Rich buttery fudge loaded with pecans. Better than pecan pie.

Lemon Chocolate - Our rich chocolate fudge with a sweet lemon background. Subtle, complex, and satisfyingly creamy.

We are always looking for new flavor ideas so if there is something you always wanted to try, let us know.
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