Monday, July 20, 2009


The potager is filling in nicely. The trees and herbs are thriving. The tomatoes are about to explode, and the cucumbers have totally taken over on quarter of the garden and moved on to consume some of the yard. We've made a lot of pickles, and will be making a lot of salsa and sauce soon. Everything else is doing well except the squash. We only planted two hills of zucchini this year. It usually does annoyingly well so two is more than enough. This year one hill is thriving and the other is not.

One sickly looking squash. It was planted the same day, from the same seed packet, and has received all the same treatment. They are only 3.5 feet apart. I can't figure it out.

One thrives, the other seems to be withering and about to die. Any ideas?

Don't forget to enter our Fudge Contest. We have received some great ideas so far. It will be a fun challenge making all the flavors.

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