Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Potager pays off

There is an art to fudge. I suppose there is an art to everything, but fudge is in my world now so that is the art I see. If you under cook it it doesn't set. If you over cook it it hardens and cracks ... not fudge. The humidity, the air pressure, the attention, the stirring - 0r lack of stirring plays a part. it's not even recognised as a real candy by the great candy makers of the world, but... it is still an art.

Today it eluded me. At least three times. On the fourth try I think I nailed it. Tomorrow will tell.

For respite the potager, a glass of wine, and a book...

Wine and fresh picked beans


Jade beans

Of course there are steaks on the grill that have to be attended to and corn on the cob and freshly picked beans to steam... Life doesn't stop just because the fudge didn't turn out.


lisa said...

the steak and relaxation sounds wonderful to me right now!

Barbee' said...

Can't help wondering. What do you do with all the "bad" fudge that doesn't turn out correctly?! Compost?
Also: You dredge up memories from my childhood. My mother loved divinity candy and tried unsuccessfully to make it several times. We lived in a very humid location and house. The candy (with homegrown pecans mixed in) was always soft and runny. I'd never had "real" divinity so it didn't upset me, I just ate it with a spoon and thought it wonderful!


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