Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Goat Milk Fudge

People keep asking me about fudge. Are we still making it? What kinds do you have? How can I get some?

So, here's the latest word on fudge.

We make Goat Milk Fudge almost every day.

We always have

Peanut Butter
Chili Chocolate
Lemon Chocolate
Vanilla Latte
Chocolate Espresso
Butter Pecan

available in Full (aprox. 1 lb) or Half (aprox. 1/2 lb) boxes.

We have it in stock in our farm store if you want to come visit.

We sell on line through our PayPal Store located in the side bar to the right.

We also sell through Local Harvest.

For the holiday season we are also offering gift packs. These are 1/4 lb mixed boxes. They are available at the farm store, or we will ship them if you want at least 4 (any less and the shipping is too expensive to make it worth it.) If you want to order the gift boxes please email me at and we can work out the details.


our friend Ben said...

Your fudge is just fantastic, Alan! REAL honest-to-God fudge made with real ingredients. Delicious! After I got mine (and we sampled it, or rather I sampled it and OFB Hoovered down the entire rest of the box), I wrote a post for Poor Richard's Almanac extolling it and have been waiting 'til your PayPal thingie came up to post it so other folks could enjoy Roberts Roost fudge for themselves and for gifts through the holidays. But, sob, all I see when I go to the PayPal place on your blog is a blank rectangle with that horrid little box in the upper left corner that tells me I can't access it. I think it's probably just us---there are tons of things we can't access from this computer---but is there an alternative way to pay for the fudge? And, er, would you mind giving this post a title ("Fudge" comes to mind) so I can direct readers to it? Many thanks, and thanks for the fabulous fudge! Perfect for eating and Christmas giving.---Silence

Alan said...

Silence, You can always go to our Local Harvest store (follow the link in the post.) Their site should work for you. Email me for detail if you need to. I've been trying to build a more accessable online store on our website, but the technology costs more than we are generating in income right now. I'm trying to find a simpler way, but so far it has defeated me. (Today even blogger wasn't working for me ... as you noticed I couldn't even get a title on my post. I think it's fixed now...?) Post if you want to about the fudge. I'll send you links to Local Harvest if you need. Appreciate the good review.

our friend Ben said...

Okay, Alan, this is all your fault. You HAD to start me thinking about fudge. So last night, I'm lying there tossing and turning and trying to ignore OFB's snoring and I suddenly began obsessing about holiday fudge. What if, I thought, Alan were to create Candy Cane fudge (with dark chocolate and crushed peppermint sticks) and Cherry Cordial fudge (with dark chocolate and dried cherries) for the holidays? (Mind you, these might not work, since the texture of the crushed peppermint might not go well with fudge and the cherries might not impart enough cherry flavor.) I'd bet crystallized ginger in dark chocolate or dark chocolate fudge with the minced orange peels preserved in syrup would be amazing, too. What about marmalade fudge?!! Uh-oh, now you've created a monster...

Daphne said...

OFB, stop that. You are making me hungry for fudge. I think gingerbread fudge would be cool or cinnamon fudge. We had some cinnamon fudge when we were in NH in September and it was just amazing. Yum. OK now I can't wait for the fudge I ordered. Why did I order it for when my kids are coming home. I could have done it earlier and gotten to eat it all ;>

Alan said...

OFB and Daphne, thanks for the inspiration. If I ever catch up on the fudge making I'll try to create some new flavors. Right now we are flat out fudging trying to keep up.

Daphne, your fudge is in the mail. I'm relying on the USPS to get it there on time (I planned for a delay...) if it arives early it's there fault for being so efficient. Hope you leave some for your kids.


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