Friday, November 20, 2009

Local Harvest - A great resource

One of the things that is very difficult for small farm and for people looking for real, locally grown food is getting connected. Most small farms don't have the time or the money to advertise so if you don't know them, or happen to drive buy you might never find what is available in your community. You might make a connection at the farmers market, but many producers don't go to the market.

There is a great resource that can help both producers and consumers.

It's called Local Harvest. It is a site where small farms can list information about their farm. You can look up what farms are listed in your area. It also lists farmers markets, CSAs, restaurants, and co-ops.

They also have an online store where small farms list things they have for sale. Some of the things you can only get at the farm, but some things, like our Fudge, can be shipped.

We have been listed on Local Harvest for a while now. We get lots of visits and questions about our farm. Our Fudge is available through the online store. We also use it to find things that are not produced in our area or to find other producers near us that we didn't know of before.

As you are preparing your holiday meals and gifts you should check out Local Harvest. You will be amazed at the things you can get that are grown close to home.
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