Monday, January 25, 2010

Alan's Soapbox - Saving the World

The devastation in Haiti has left me pretty stunned. I'm not usually a "save the world" kind of guy. I believe in acting locally and helping others act locally in their area. But sometimes a massive tragedy happens that overwhelms a community's ability to cope and it is time for the world to lend a helping hand. This is one of those times, but I felt at a loss as to how I could help. My going to Haiti right now would only add to the problems, not help solve them. The things I have that they need are not in an easily transportable form (sending some goats and chickens might help in the long run, but this isn't the time.) Money, we have given to local organizations who are pooling resources to add to the global effort. But money can't fix everything, and it is so easily misused or misdirected. So I am putting my effort into encouraging my community to support groups that are making a difference in Haiti.

My friends at World Hunger Relief have been working in Haiti and around the world for years. They train people to help communities develop locally sustainable agriculture. They have been doing this in Haiti for quite a few years and have a strong network there. You can see what they are doing and how you can support them on their website.

World Hunger Relief

On a more local note, my cub scout assistant den leader, Josh, left for Florida yesterday. He will be gone for at least two weeks. Josh works for MMS Aviation repairing and servicing airplanes for missionaries around the world. He will be working on the planes used by Missionary Flights International to fly supplies and people to Haiti. You can find out more about Josh and his family, and how to support what they do with MMS at Adelsbergers in Aviation.

These are some of the ways we are supporting efforts in Haiti. Check them out. Also check out your local community and find ways you can help either at home or around the world.
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