Tuesday, January 12, 2010

In the Kitchen - HELP

The past three weeks we have been exploring life without the grocery store. (You can see more details at NDiN.) It has been an interesting, rewarding challenge. BUT, we are through all the easy stuff. Now we are starting to pull mystery bags out of the freezer and hope they turn out to contain something we can eat. (Labels with a date are VERY important in food storage. I see that now.)

So today I was rooting around in the back of the freezer, looking for some kind of vegetable other than tomato sauce to have with dinner. I found a bag of frost encrusted green florets and thought Yeah! broccoli. WRONG! Garlic Blossoms.


I love them, but I don't know if I can cook them in a way that the kids will eat them. If I can't think of something to do with them I'll have to descend to frozen spinach, or maybe the last of the brussel sprouts.

Any ideas?

On a brighter note, we did see the sun today. So far we have had almost 12 minutes of actual sunshine. It was wonderful. It's snowing again now, but I'm going to cling to the memory of bright, warming sun.
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