Thursday, January 14, 2010

In School - JJ's science fair project

The other day I brought home a book from the library. It's called The Earth Moved by Amy Stewart. It's about earthworms. I've enjoyed Amy's blog Garden Rant, and thought I might find some ideas and inspiration in her book. I'd brought the book home intending to start it as soon as I finished my current book. But JJ stole it, and hasn't put it down. We seem to have a budding oligochaetologist in the family. Next thing I knew she was planning a worm composting project for the science fair, ordering 1000 worms, and writing posts for the farm blog. Here's what she has to say today.

Worm Scientists
Need Support

The past few days I’ve been interested in worms. The other day I was reading a book about earthworms and I found out that worm scientists aren’t getting very much popular support. The scientists were surprised to find that many people were not as interested in worms as they were. I think that the scientists aren’t getting enough support because not many people realize how important worms are and what they do for our environment. Worms may not be as pretty birds, butterflies, or bees but the birds wouldn’t have the seeds they like and the butterflies and bees wouldn’t have their nectar if the soil wasn’t good for plants like flowers and trees. The worms that we may think of as slimy pests actually do a lot to help our environment. So if we support our worm scientists then instead of feeling down when they discover something because besides them nobody else seems to care they will feel happy and excited because they know that everyone else is too. All we have to do is support them.
We will post updates about the science fair as things progress over the next month.
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