Monday, January 18, 2010

In the Shop - Two Weeks till we open

The new shop is coming together. We are starting to work on display space and signs. It will be fun to have things all set up and active again.

We went on a museum trip to Canton over the weekend. Saw lots of weaving, spinning, felting, and other cool craft things. CC and JJ are pretty fired up about it right now. (That means I need to get the looms moved and set up. ASAP!) They will be attending a felting workshop with the Spinners and Weavers Guild in a couple of weeks. Should add some other interesting products to their collection. As soon as they get ahead of local demand we will put up and ETSY store. Watch for it.

This spring we are fine tuning the fudge business a bit. We will be dropping the Apple Pie, Lavender Honey, and maybe the Chocolate, from our production line. We will add in two coffee fudges (chocolate espresso, and vanilla latte). The production list will be

Chili Chocolate
Lemon Chocolate
Chocolate Espresso
Peanut Butter
Vanilla Latte
Butter Pecan

We may add some more in as time goes on. We have some ideas for some seasonal fudges, and are also planning a new fudge flavor contest for mid summer. We will be offering our fudge for sale here at the farm and through Local Harvest.

We are also adding in some baked goods for sale here at the farm. I haven't set the schedule yet for what we will make when, but we have had enough local interest in our baking that we have decided to include it. Right now the plan it to just make extra of the things we bake for our selves. We'll see if it grows from there.

The list will include

Rye Bread
Cinnamon Rolls
and probably some cookies.

For the baking part I am trying to keep it simple. Just more of what we do every day. If it doesn't sell we put it in the freezer and eat it later. Simple.
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