Thursday, January 21, 2010

Slowing Down

I was planning to post about the pasture/livestock yesterday. The pasture is a mucky mess and the livestock are in that almost ready to have babies, suspended animation, grumpy, needy place, and you don't want to hear about that.

Today I had planned to post about the kids school, mostly a continuation of JJ's worm project. MLK Day slowed down the posties and we didn't get our worms today, so there is nothing more than piles of shredded newspaper to post about (I took photos, but you probably don't want to see them. JJ didn't want to post today. She said she would rather wait until she had something great to say.)

So, we slowed down. It was a nice day, but now it's raining, dark, and time to chill. MOVIE time. Tonight the kids said we could pick a favorite. We (CC and I) chose Lady Hawk. One of my all time favorites! Magic, Love, Adventure, Witty Dialogue, Brilliant Sword Fights, Beautiful Horses, and... The GOOD Guys WIN! What more could you want for movie night with your kids?

I know. POPCORN. Well, we had that too. The slow kind. We gave up on microwave popcorn some time ago. For Christmas one of my scouts gave us a bag of popcorn that his family grew. RR shelled it (that took about 20 minutes) and we had very fresh popcorn, popped in our hand crank kettle. It's the best!

There is a lot to say for slowing down and enjoying the moment. Hand shelled, hand cranked popcorn helps you do that.
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