Thursday, February 11, 2010

Alan's Soap Box - After Food Inc.- First Steps

I wasn't very satisfied with my last post. It only covered part of my response. The angry, hopeless, frustrated part. But, I can't live that way. So, here is the first of a series of post about ACTION!

First steps

1. USE your anger. Let is spur you into doing something. Make it something constructive. Here are some things we will be doing.

- Planting more food. Our paper garden just got bigger and more complex. If we want an alternative to the Industrial Food System WE have to create it. We have the space and the skills at our farm to be part of the solution, so we are going to do that, for our selves and for our community.

- Sharing. We will be sharing more of what we have. More of what we grow, more of what we know how to do, more of what we think. We will share the movie with others. We will have discussions. We will share the food we create, even with those who want nothing to do with alternative food systems. (I've gotten quite a few people interested in local food issues by using fudge. Probably more people that way than by talking about the problems.)

- Supporting. We can't do it all. So we will support others in our community who are doing things too. Some of the support will be buying things from them. Some of it will be spreading the word about what they are doing. And some will be in the form of smiles, encouragement, and help. It is not an easy road to take, and connecting with others on the same path makes it more likely we will all make it.

- Connecting to the wider world. While our focus will be local, the story needs to be told on a much wider scale. We will do that here. We will also participate in some of the blogging activities that support this kind of action. One we will join is the NDiN Food Inc Challenge. (More on this later.)

These are some of the First Steps we are taking.

What are YOU going to do?


G-B said...

Great post!

Well, for today, reading your blog inspired me to finally place my seed order. I have plans in place that will allow me to greatly increase my potato yield this year.

General public awareness (or lack thereof) is a big one for me. I will continue to publish on my blog as a way to reach my family/friends who may wish to look into a more sustainable lifestyle.

Garden Pheenix said...

Food Inc. Fried my brain lol. Totally understand the anger part. Sometimes I wish I could instantly become fully self sustained... but we can't so I am enjoying the journey.

See you around ^_^

Sheria said...

I feel sort of incompetent. I'm a city dweller and I don't grow any food; my gardening efforts sonsist of flowers and a few herbs. I do shop at our local farmer's market during our rather long growing season. my sister and her husband have a small garden in the summer with tomatoes, squash, watermelons (my personal favorite) and spicy peppers. I steal liberally from their garden.


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