Thursday, September 23, 2010


This past spring JJ came home with a pumpkin planted in a paper cup.  (Project with the Daisy Girl Scout troop where she is a junior leader.)  It sprouted and got planted in the potager among the trees.  We ignored it.  It thrived, rambling all over the garden and eventually producing two pumpkins.  The kids were thrilled.  But as they matured they turned out to be cooking pumpkins not carving pumpkins.  Dissapointing, but that's life sometimes.

So we harvested the pumpkins. 

Chopped them into bits. 

 Cooked them.

And bottled them. 

Two pumpkins produced 18 quarts of pumpkin puree which we will use this winter to make pie, soup, bread, cookies, and maybe even fudge.
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