Monday, December 13, 2010

I can't type and drive at the same time.

It has been CRAZY around here this past few weeks.  Between stirring fudge and driving to the hospital every day, I didn't get much blogging done.  But I did have time to think a lot (dangerous thoughts I'm sure...) and to read quite a bit.  I'm going to post my way through those thoughts and get back to my exploration of sustainability and agriculture. 

We are about through the Christmas rush on fudge.  It has been a good year for our little farm business.  There is still time to get fudge if you really want it (follow the link from our store page.)  Orders done this week should get anywhere in the U.S. before Christmas.  We will be gearing up for Valentines day after the New Year.

The past few weeks I've read

  • World Made By Hand by J.H. Kunstler (This one made me think A LOT! you should read it.)
  • Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingslover (another thinker!  Still sorting out my thoughts on this one.)
  • Dissent in America by Ralph Young (WOW!  )
  • Authentic Patriotism by Stephen Kiernan (still thinking about this one...)
Right now I'm reading Noise by Bart Kosko (the "quintessential scientific cyber-punk - a prophet of the information age."  I'm liking it, but not as much as Fuzzy Thinking which everyone should have to read...)  So, what are you all reading?

Now I must end.  The kids want their sleds (we have 4 inches of snow...), the dogs need to go out (2 indoor dogs now...more on that later), and the fire needs stoking (it is 17 and windy out.  Staying warm is a priority, and a lot of work.)
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